7 Places to Eat Open Night in the Jogja Area

Places to Eat Open Night in the Jogja Area – Besides being known as a city of education and culture, Jogja also has a thousand exotic destinations and places to eat that are so unique. Jogja or Yogyakarta are like other big cities in the country that never sleep. Late at night there is still life in every corner.

It is no secret that when a stomach goes hungry in the middle of the night while in Jogja, you don’t need to worry.

Because there are many culinary nights in Jogja scattered in several corners of this land. There are indeed nightlife restaurants in Jogja that are open 24 hours, and there are some that are specifically open at night before dawn.

Make no mistake, even though the stalls sold generally look simple. But, do not be surprised if buyers must rea queue to be able to taste the food being sold. Although the majority are street vendors, there is no need to worry about the hygiene and price offered.

Places to Eat Open Night in the Jogja Area

Places to Eat Open Night in the Jogja Area

Well, of the many culinary nights in Jogja, here are some places to eat culinary Jogja that is worth a visit.

Chicken Grabyas Noodle

For those of you who are around Malioboro, make sure you taste the Chicken Grabyas Noodle. Noodle shops that are open are close to the turn of the day today as if they are a fun place to enjoy the night in Jogja.

No wonder so many people visit this place as if it already has loyal customers. Although not the same person, but the number of visitors in this place has never subsided. The noodle dish that is served in this place has a varied variety, so that each tongue will naturally be able to adjust to its own taste.

Oseng-Oseng Mercon Bu Narti

Not far from Zero Kilometer Zone, precisely on Ahmad Dahlan Street, you will find spicy culinary that is much loved by the people of Jogja. This place is open at night and the more nights usually, this angkringan will be increasingly crowded with many visitors.

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Oseng-Oseng Mercon Bu Narti in general is often a game for those who like offal processed food with a more solid taste. Served together with hot rice makes anyone who has tasted this dish seemed to not want to stop.

Hot flavors combined with a spicy sensation make the connoisseurs like a sweat bath while tasting this dish. But the sensation that was obtained was indeed pleasant so no wonder many people returned to this place.

Gudeg Permata

When trying to hunt for traditional Jogja lagendaris food with authentic, delicious flavors, then forget about the five-star style restaurant. There is the most phenomenal warm culinary Jogja located beside the Permata Cinema.

Even though the hangout that was once successful had been closed for some time. But this did not dampen the spirit of Mrs. Sri Sunarti, the owner of this gudeg stall, to change his name.

Gudeg Permata indeed seems to have become an icon for those who want to eat culinary typical of this Jogja. Even a number of mass media say that Gudeg Permata is included as one of the best laggars of warm Gudeg in Jogja.

Soto Trash

Hearing his name, we might frown and wonder how our brains might associate this culinary with negative connotations. However, after we taste this one dish, maybe from then on you will start to love culinary dishes with that unique name.

It is named Soto Sampah because the soto dish is presented when it is made according to the tastes of the buyer himself. The contents of Soto are also of various kinds so that when poured in one dish there may be ingredients as diverse as trash thrown away.

Because the contents are many, this one dish will be very suitable for those of you who are starving in the middle of the night. Uniquely, this one soto dish also allows us to take fried food as we please.

Meanwhile, for the soup from the Soto dish itself there are two flavors. The first is the usual taste and the second is soto sauce which is given a spicy sensation. The address is on Jl. Subscribe No. 2 Cokrodiningratan (in front of Kranggan gas station, near the city monument).

Angkringan Lik Man

Angkringan this one can be called the most lagendaris angkringan in Jogja. Because Lik Man angkringan is a pioneer angkringan of all angkringan in Jogja. Founded by Mbah Pairo who is now an angkot man Lik Man is managed by his son.

One of the unique and unique menus of angkringan on this one is joss coffee. This coffee is served hot by dipping charcoal. Because of the charcoal, the caffeine content in coffee is lower.

In addition, those of you who visit this place do not miss to taste the sego cat dish with various side dishes that you can choose yourself. The rice served at this place is pretty fluffier, so it’s a pity to pass up.

The address is on Jl. Wongsodirjan, Yogyakarta. Various menus sold in this place are very affordable starting from Rp. 1000. This place is open from 6 pm until the end of the trade.

House of Raminten

Well, if you are bored with the atmosphere of accross the roadside and want more comfortable facilities like in a cafe. So this one angkringan will be a good alternative for enjoying a culinary night in Jogja.

The theme of the place to eat with a blend of semi-angkringan cafe concept with Javanese nuances that are still so thick. Making the House of Raminten the choice of today’s young people in Jogja. There are even live gamelan music performances that accompany the visitors who come to this place.

The menu served at this place is varied and varied so that visitors will be able to choose according to taste. Until now there have been 3 branches of the House of Raminten in Jogja. However, only the main branch is open 24 hours. Nature is on Jl. FM Noto No.7 Kotabaru, Yogyakarta (main branch).

Samirono Satay Shop

If you are a satay fan, then you must stop by the Warung Sate Samirono. In this place. there are many kinds of satay that can be enjoyed to fill your dinner time. One of the mainstay menus in this place is satay goat.

Saging satenya soft and the spices seep in. That is why the place, which has been open since 1977, is indeed in great demand by buyers. This place is located close to Yogyakarta State University. Because of its location close to educational facilities, it is not surprising that this satay shop is dominated by students.

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