Eastern Indonesia Travel Destinations You Must Visit

Eastern Indonesia Travel Destinations You Must Visit – Indonesia is an archipelago that is rich in natural beauty.

Not surprisingly, during the holiday season, many tourist attractions in Indonesia are visited by tourists such as Bali, Yogyakarta, Malang, Lombok, Sumba, and so forth.

However, did you know, besides visiting the destination during the holidays, it turns out you can also visit other destinations that are not less interesting.

Try to consider East Indonesia tourist destinations as your choice for a vacation. Even though it is famously expensive, Eastern Indonesia tourist destinations are highly recommended to be visited. Lots of tourist attractions that are still rarely exposed by the public.

Eastern Indonesia Travel Destinations You Must Visit

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Taliabu Islands

Eastern Indonesia Travel Destinations You Must Visit Taliabu Island in 2019
One of the East Indonesia tourist destinations that you need to visit is the Taliabu Islands. Maybe the name Taliabu is still unfamiliar in your ears. Taliabu is one of the districts resulting from the division of Sula Regency in North Maluku Province.
As a newly divided district, all existing facilities in the Taliabu Islands are completely emergency and new. Even so, Taliabu’s natural potential is very promising, especially beach and sea tourism.
One characteristic of Eastern Indonesia tourist destinations is the ease of finding uninhabited beaches with white sand and clear water. These beaches can be accessed without paying fees. Some beaches have a beautiful experience.
In addition to visiting the beach, you can visit various islands that offer snorkeling and diving spots such as Woyo Island, Hol Kima, Seho Island, Kano Island, Limbo Island, Tabila Island, or Samada Island.
To visit Taliabu, there are two options. First through Ternate City, second through Luwuk City, Central Sulawesi.
If you want to visit Taliabu from Ternate City, you can go to Ternate City by airplane and continue your trip by boat in about two days and two nights. Travel time through Ternate is longer because the ship will stop at two large islands in the Sula Islands.
If you want to cut travel time, you can visit Taliabu through Luwuk City, Central Sulawesi. There have been many flights to Luwuk City which will usually transit in Makassar City. After arriving in Luwuk City, you can continue your journey by boat to Bobong City, Taliabu, for 10 hours.
The travel time and journey to Taliabu will pay off when you have set foot there. The stretch of white sand, pristine beaches, and the rich diversity of underwater possessed by Taliabu makes it worthy of being one of the tourist destinations of Eastern Indonesia that needs to be visited in 2019.


Eastern Indonesia Travel Destinations You Must Visit Luwuk Proud in 2019
source: instagram @gypsyandthepostcard
Maybe Luwuk-Banggai is still rarely used as a tourist destination for Eastern Indonesia by people. Information about tourism in Luwuk Banggai is rarely exposed on the Internet. In fact, Luwuk-Banggai has natural beauty that is not inferior to other domestic tourist destinations.
Actually, Luwuk is one of the administrative cities of Banggai Regency. There are two other districts that can be accessed from Luwuk namely Banggai Kepulauan Regency and Banggai Laut Regency.
In Luwuk City, Banggai Regency, you can visit various interesting Eastern Indonesia tourist destinations.
Some of these destinations are Bukit Teletubbies, Pulau Dua, and also Kilo Lima Beach. In addition to these several tourist destinations, there are many tourist destinations in Banggai Regency, especially in Luwuk City which has natural beauty and is less exposed by the public.
While you’re there, it’s a good idea to rent a motorized vehicle or a local guide to find interesting spots to capture through your camera or cellphone, or just enjoy it with your eyes.
In addition to attractions around Luwuk City, you can also cross using sea transportation to other Eastern Indonesian tourist destinations namely Banggai Kepulauan Regency and Banggai Laut. Many people assume that the two are the same area, but in fact different.
However, the natural attractions offered by the two districts are more or less similar, namely beach and sea tourism. If you have the opportunity to visit the Banggai Laut and Banggai Islands, visit various beautiful beaches on the coast of the island.
Both Banggai Islands and Banggai Laut have many virgin diving and snorkeling spots. You can visit Bongo Beach, Pasir Putih Beach, Labuan Beach, Bongo Island and many other unnamed spots that you can visit for free.
If you are lucky, you can find various types of Cardinal Fish (sea urchins) during snorkeling and swimming at the beaches in Banggai Laut and Banggai Islands. No wonder Luwuk-Banggai is one of the Eastern Indonesian tourist destinations that needs to be visited in 2019.

Alor Islands

Eastern Indonesia Travel Destinations You Must Visit in 2019
Source: instagram: @dirganca
Another Eastern Indonesia tourist destination is the Alor Islands. Alor Islands is one of the regencies at the eastern end of the East Nusa Tenggara Province. To reach the Alor Islands, you need to fly to Kupang City first.
Afterwards, you can use a pioneer flight from Kupang to Kalabahi, the main capital of the Alor Islands. It takes about one hour to arrive at Kalabahi from Kupang using the Trans Nusa plane which serves daily flights in the Nusa Tenggara region.
There are various interesting Eastern Indonesian tourist destinations in the Alor Islands. Most of these destinations are beach and sea tourism spots.
If you have the opportunity to visit the Alor Islands, it is recommended that you visit Ling Al Beach, Pigewa Beach, Mali Beach, Batu Putih Beach, Pantar Sea Park, and Kepa Island. The beach and island destinations have white sand and interesting snorkeling spots to visit.
Besides being able to spend time to snorkel in the sea, you can also enjoy the freshness of the water in Mataru Waterfall or swim in the Angel Pool. There is also a hot spring shaped like an ant’s house.
Hot springs or geysers are surrounded by a very aesthetic arrangement of rocks to be enshrined in a photograph. Do not forget to enjoy the exoticism of Gunung Sirung White Crater. Mount Sirung is an active mountain located on Pantar Island with an altitude of around 862 meters above sea level.
With the variety of attractions offered, it’s not wrong if the Alor Islands are said to be one of the 8 destinations that need to be visited in 2019.
Those are the 3 Eastern Indonesia tourist destinations that you must visit in 2019. If you love beach and sea tourism, immediately enter one of the destinations above into your bucket list, guaranteed you will have difficulty moving on and do not want to go home!

Those are the East Indonesia Tourist Destinations that Must Be Visited

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