5 Food to Keep Health Care

5 FOOD TO KEEP HEALTH CARE – Stomach is one of the important organs in the digestive system. But sometimes, many people underestimate the health of the stomach.

No wonder many Indonesian people are familiar with gastritis or stomach acid in everyday life. To avoid this disease, you can consume the following 5 food intake.

5 Food to Keep Health Care

Maintain Gastric Health with fruits

Fruits to support a healthy lifestyle are indeed highly recommended. Including also to maintain gastric health. One fruit that can be consumed is a banana.

The content of Ph 5.6 which is owned by bananas is beneficial to relieve symptoms of stomach acid. It’s good, you choose bananas that are ripe and sweet.

5 Food to Keep Health Care

However, if consumed too much bananas can increase stomach acid. Therefore, you also need to consume enough bananas. Besides consuming bananas, you can consume other fruits such as melons, watermelon apples and pears. The four fruits are useful for reducing the symptoms of stomach acid.

Maintaining the health of the stomach with wheat and grains

You can consume wheat and grains to facilitate the flow of digestion in the body. Substituting rice consumption with whole wheat or oatmeal bread can be selected.

Foods that contain wheat and whole grains are rich in fiber so they can help facilitate the flow of digestion in the stomach. In addition, these foods can also help reduce the symptoms of GERD in your stomach.

Increase consumption of green vegetables

Consuming green vegetables is also recommended for those of you who want to maintain gastric health. Green vegetables are low in sugar and fat so they can help reduce stomach acid.

You can start consuming green vegetables with broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower, green beans, cucumbers, or lettuce.

Increase consumption of protein-rich foods

Foods that are rich in protein and low in fat are very good for stomach health. You can choose skinless chicken meat such as the breast, or low-fat beef.

Besides consuming chicken and beef, you can also consume processed fish. It is recommended that you process these foods by boiling, steaming or baking.

Increase the consumption of herbal plants

In addition to consuming fruits, vegetables, and meat, you can also try to consume herbal plants to maintain gastric health. Herbs can be mixed as a spice in cooking, or brewed and then drunk.

One of the herbs that are useful for the stomach is ginger. Besides consuming ginger, you can also consume aloe vera to treat stomach acid.

In addition to increasing consumption of fruit, wheat, vegetables, herbal plants, and protein-rich foods, you also need to adopt a healthy lifestyle every day so that your stomach health is maintained.

So, 5 Food to Keep Health Care

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