Headache Natural Medicine, Heal quickly

Headache Natural Medicine, Heal quickly – Ever feel headaches or dizziness in the morning? Or even feel nauseous and need good energy to go through the day? Coffee might be one that you often choose for this.

But, it turns out coffee can be more useful for treating your headaches or dizziness, if mixed with a few drops of lemon.

Because it turns out, caffeine in coffee has a vaso-constrictive nature, which can calm some types of headaches. Whereas lemon, contains several therapeutic benefits.

So this is the reason why your headache or dizziness can be cured with black coffee and a few drops of lemon. Not only that, coffee also makes bile flow more smoothly, which can prevent the formation of gallstones.

Coffee is also a diuretic and prevents constipation. Therefore, coffee is more beneficial when consumed in the morning. Not only coffee, lemon also has a good effect on the liver and gallbladder. In fact, a combination of lemon and coffee can be a medicine for migraines.

But, keep in mind, don’t try this home remedy if you have an ulcer. Consult your doctor before trying coffee with lemon.

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