Mosquitoes Extinct? It Happens If Extinct

Mosquitoes Extinct – Mosquitoes are annoying little insects, often menggagu humans during activity and sleep. This one insect can also eliminate human life let alone weak human body resistance at the time in mosquito sting to the extent we want the mosquito extinct.

You need to know, behind the bad mosquitoes in life there are many benefits that we do not know, what are the benefits of mosquitoes? Let’s discuss the benefits of mosquitoes before the extinction of mosquitoes does not mean we have to cattle mosquitoes.


Below this may be just a minor point for mosquitoes:
1) Mosquito larvae produce useful Nitrogen substances to plant ecosystems.
2) Helping the process of pollination of chocolate plants, Loss of mosquito species will inhibit the spreading and pollination of chocolate naturally.
3) Helps spread pathogenic bacteria.
4) As a food chain other species such as frogs, lizards, even small fish onwards until large fish that taste good to eat humans.
5) As an early indicator of various human health problems, mosquitoes are able to detect temperature changes to a very small degree, and detect blood-sucking acids (lactic acid, uric acid) and cholesterol.
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6) Can suck harmful dirty blood in our body and our body will automatically produce new blood complete with the reduction of hemoglobin earlier.
7) Can puncture nerve endings located under the skin that serves as a trigger of body health.
Mosquitoes Extinct? It Happens If Extinct
8) Creation of a giant company that produces mosquito repellent types such as mosquito repellers, gels, lotions, sprays, electricity, and even antidotes in the form of factories that produce mosquito nets.
9) Creation of productive jobs and able to reduce the unemployment of millions of people through mosquito repellent plants, mosquito sprayers, to doctors and nurses who treat mosquito bites.
10) Motivate humans to make new discoveries in the field of science and technology, such as medical drugs that are able to anesthetize parts of the body so that it is not felt when pierced by the “needle” sucker mosquitoes, even the “needle” mosquito is actually just a smooth but capable rod penetrating the skin surface.
11) Reduce the population of microorganisms and bacteria especially the parasite bacteria found in dirty water.
12) Motivate humans to live clean, making humans close the water storage so as not to be contaminated.
13) Makes humans to know uncomfortable if they feel itchy, and if they get sick from mosquito bites, make people realize how meaningful is healthy favors and when we realize there are dead because of mosquito bites we become more appreciate the life given by Allah
14) Giving us lessons of learning about patience and gentleness to our body from the itching effect caused by mosquito bites.
15) Bring wisdom do not hurt or harm others by sucking what they have.
16) Brings the wisdom not only to see the small form, but also from the unseen great benefits
17) Brings wisdom to the power of God that can create even smaller animals such as lice that rest on the mosquito body, even smaller than that.
18) Thickens the faith in God’s majesty and humiliation so as not to be arrogant, for to the extent that man can never create a creature of a mosquito even though all human beings unite to make it.
19) Describes how much God hates the pagan human beings so that God does not want to give them the ultimate pleasure even as big as the wings of a mosquito. This is mentioned in the Hadith “if this world in Allah’s worth with its price with the wings of mosquitoes Allah will not give a drink of any mouthful to the heathen” (HR.Tirmidzi).
20) Bringing the wisdom to berhusnudzhon to God, do not kill mosquitoes that naked only bring loss and even catastrophe, but thank God and the mosquitoes to benefit us.
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