4 Mistakes When Drinking Tea

Mistakes When Drinking Tea – Drinking tea may provide positive stimulation for the brain, but at the same time also has a negative impact on our health.

Like alcohol we drink, it may provide stimulation to the brain, but when it has overdosed on the body, alcohol can harm the body. In the same way drinking tea can also have a negative effect on the body.

4 Mistakes When Drinking Tea

If you don’t want this to happen, you should pay attention to your habit of drinking tea. You could make a mistake. And here is a list of common mistakes that most of us do when drinking tea.

1. Drink tea on an empty stomach

Drinking tea on an empty stomach makes acidity increase in the body. This causes an increase in free radicals that cause cancer and aging faster. Try to drink water shortly after waking up and drinking tea half an hour later.

2. Drink boiled tea

This may be a habit that we do a lot. Actually this is a big mistake because it can cause high stomach acid. The correct way to drink tea is to brew it into boiling water.

3. Add other natural ingredients to the tea

Adding other ingredients to tea like basil leaves, it turns out is another mistake we made. The caffeine content in tea prevents the absorption of benefits from these plants.

Thus 4 mistakes when drinking tea, I hope you are healthy

4. Drink tea after food

Drinking tea after food is probably a habit that we often do. This turned out to be a mistake. Because it can prevent absorption of nutrients in the food we consume. Drink tea half an hour after eating.

Thus 4 mistakes when drinking tea, I hope you are healthy

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