4 Interview Questions About Your Weaknesses and Strengths, don’t answer this

Interview Questions About Your Weaknesses and Strengths? – Questions about weaknesses and strengths of a candidate will always arise from each job interview.

The question is used by recruiters to find out an overview of the personality, how to work to how to communicate with a candidate. Even good answers will definitely leave a good impression on the recruiter’s eyes.

Interview Questions About Your Weaknesses and Strengths?

Answering Questions ‘What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses?

Honest Is Number One

Answer honestly when answering questions about weaknesses and strengths by recruiters. You don’t need to ‘polish’ the answer so that it looks good. In addition, you must be able to convince the recruiter that the answer really is your true character.

Choose the Right Answer

In choosing the answer to the question, look again at the job opening that you are applying for. Focus on the strengths you have and are relevant to job openings. In addition, you also have to think about your weaknesses if you bring a less significant impact on the job opening.

Answer every question

Never feel too inferior or arrogant when talking about the strengths and abilities you have. And vice versa, never feel shy when talking about your weaknesses. By answering each question honestly, the recruiter can find out the profile of the candidates more deeply. So, never answer that you do not have advantages and disadvantages.

Don’t Blame Others

When you discuss what your weaknesses are, don’t ever use other people to blame for your shortcomings. You must be able to answer what your weaknesses are with full responsibility.

Next we provide a number of answer choices that you can use in answering questions about your strengths and weaknesses. You can explain further in your own words.


Make a list of what strengths and abilities you have. Make sure your strengths can be used directly in the world of work. Add some of the experiences you have experienced when answering this question.

Here are some examples of the advantages that you can use to answer:


  • High commitment to work
  • Vigorously
  • Neat
  • Good communication skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Can work in team

In answering weaknesses, you should describe your weaknesses and ways to solve your weaknesses. By including the answers to your problem solving, it can have an impact on convincing recruiters that you are a person with good problem solving.

Interview Questions About Your Weaknesses and Strengths?

If you are a fresh graduate who does not have a lot of work experience, you must show interest in the work you are applying for. Describe the steps you have taken to support your career later. For example, when you take a PHP course to support your career as a Web Developer.

If you apply for a job that is not related to numbers and statistics, you can say that you are weak with math. Also add that you are trying to overcome this weakness. For example, you can say that you are active in learning about computer programs that are used to calculate quickly.

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