Tips for Making Sweet Coffee without Sugar

How to Making Sweet Coffee – Coffee is a substance that is specific, detailed and certainly personal. Therefore, everyone has a different taste for copying. There are some people who like thick coffee like expresso and there are some people who like sweet coffee like cappuccino.
But if we consume too much sugar for our bodies we can cause some negative effects. Now here are some tips to make coffee taste sweet without using sugar. Check This Out.
Tips for Making Sweet Coffee without Sugar
Use honey
Honey is often an alternative for coffee drinkers as a mixture to disguise the bitter taste of coffee. Black coffee is a kind of long black and Americano that you usually consume with sugar, now you can replace it using honey.
But how does it feel? The distinctive sweetness of honey melts perfectly on the bitter warm coffee. In Indonesia, it is still rare to find people who enjoy coffee with honey instead of sugar. But in northern Thailand there is a coffee shop that sells coffee using honey as a sweetener.
Use milk
Maybe it’s no secret if milk is a loyal friend of coffee in one gulp. Many base espresso menus involve milk as a mixture on the coffee. It is true, heated milk can give the bitter sweet taste of coffee.
That is why in a cup of cappuccino, café latte, flat white and piccolo latte it is actually no longer recommended to be added with sugar because actually the milk content there has given the coffee the bitter taste of sweetness.
Use Cinnamon and Chocolate Powder
Besides being sprinkled on top of cappuccino and café latte, cinnamon powder and chocolate powder can also be used as coffee mixes that add sweetness. In addition to sweetness, cinnamon also gives a distinctive aroma that makes pleasure in coffee increasing.
What other chocolate powder The sweetness that blends perfectly with the bitter coffee may add a level of enjoyment to a cup of coffee. Add enough cinnamon powder or chocolate powder then stir evenly. Then your bitter coffee is now just a name.
Here are tips on making coffee still taste sweet without using sugar. So which one do you like?

Source : Benefits of coffee

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