Benefits of Drinking Green Tea with Honey

Drink Green Tea with Honey – Green tea is now a popular drink that many people drink. Some people choose to enjoy green tea plainly. But, not a few who enjoy it with other mixtures, such as lemon or lemongrass.

Well, to drink green tea, you should never mix it with sugar to add flavor. Green tea can have good health benefits, if you don’t add sugar to it.

Instead of sugar, you can add honey to your green tea. Besides being more delicious, this method can make you get a row of health. Anything? Come see more deeply.

1. Improve brain function
Caffeine is one of the main ingredients present in green tea. If you add honey to it, you seem to add vitamins that are good for your brain’s health. The presence of these two ingredients in green tea can increase your concentration. In addition, mixing honey in green also helps improve your memory. Green tea with honey is good for the health of your brain.

2. Burn fat
Drinking several cups of green tea with extra honey regularly can help relieve excess calories. Green tea increases metabolism in the body, while honey can reduce calories. Oxidation fats with this combination increase to about 17 percent.

3. Prevent Cancer Risk
Drinking green tea with extra honey is very good for the body, because both have great anti-oxidant content. The presence of these antioxidants can control the body’s uncontrolled cells, which can cause cancer.
Benefits of Drinking Green Tea with Honey
4. Improve Dental Health
The content of catechins in green tea with additional honey in it is very effective for improving dental health. Plaques and other dental problems caused by streptococcal bacteria can be avoided. Because catechins in green tea combined with honey can reduce the effects of these bacteria, thus making better dental health.

5. Bone health
Osteoporosis is one of the health problems that many people fear. Well, drinking green tea with honey not only makes the taste more enjoyable, but also makes bones strong and healthy. With green tea, the bones will be stronger and actively produce antioxidants, as well as anti-inflammatory.

Have you ever drunk honey with green tea?

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